About Hampton Falls New Hampshire

Hampton Falls NH

Before 1722, Hampton Falls was officially known as ‘The Third Parrish of Hampton’. The town derived its new name from the water falls on the Taylor River, which originally were used to provide power to mills operated by the Weare Family. The most famous member of the Weare Family was Meschech, a political dynamo, who in the year of 1776, helped draft the first constitution in New Hampshire. Meschech climbed the political ladder and became Governor of NH. The town common features a memorial to him. Other famous residents and visitors include John Greenleaf Whittier, Warren Brown, Wesley Powell, Marquis de Lafayette and even President George Washington!

Hampton Falls can easily be called "the Quintessential Small New England Town" . It is dominated by farmland, and its biggest business is Applecrest Orchards, which is New  Hampshire's oldest and largest apple orchard, and it is the oldest continuosly-operated orchard in America. 

Vistitors to the small village of Hampton Falls are greeted by the white steeple of the 1836 First Baptist Church at the intersection of Rt 1 and Rt 88. The Hampton Falls Town Common is located here with it's Bandstand and Memorials. The Bandstand was built by volunteers, helping to keep the tax base low and hosts weekly music concerts in the Summer time. Hampton Falls also boasts Marsh Lane Conservation Reserve and a public free library.

A lovely community with a friendly small town feel.

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TOWN HALL: 1 Drinkwater Rd, (603) 926-7101
FIRE:3 Drinkwater Rd, (603) 926-5752
POLICE: 3 Drinkwater Rd, (603) 926-4619
HAMPTON FALLS FREE LIBRARY: Exeter Rd, (603) 926-3862
PUBLIC SCHOOL: Lincoln Akerman - Grades K-12, 8 Exeter Rd, (603) 926-2539
UTILITIES: Unitil , Verizon Telephone, Comcast Cable, Private Water & Sewer